Best scuba diving on Roatan


Name: Beth and Ed
Date of visit: 16-23 Mar 2013
  Thanks again, we had a great 10th visit to Luna Beach. Once again your staff did a great job taking care of us, the food was great and all of the bar help were great also. We hope to visit again next year.
Beth and Ed

Name: Ed and Beth Jones from Rome NY

Dates: 2/09/13 – 2/16/13

We have been to Luna Beach 9 times over the past 6 years and love it there. In fact we will be there again 9-16 Feb 2013 please come and dive with us you will have a great time.


Name: Jerry & Darlene from Austin, Texas

Date of visit: 12/29/11 – 1/4/12

As soon as we entered the long gated drive leading to Luna Beach and all the ‘magic’ awaiting, Jerry & I knew we indeed were ‘home’ again. On approach to the main building, we heard the unforgettable ‘rescued’ parrots announcing our arrival, the hypnotizing sound of the surf, island music filtering from the forest, and then stepping onto the sand, breathing the ocean air, well, we certainly knew we had returned to paradise.

Joan, Chuck, the owner, and other employees welcomed us as they did on our previous visit two years ago & during the brief walk to our oceanfront room I couldn’t help but be in awe of the luscious green & flowering plants & trees. Then it was that moment when, as is our ritual, we dashed for the hammock with our glasses of wine, enjoying numerous humming birds just inches away, & along with several other guests of Luna Beach doing the same in the privacy of their own porch/hammock, prepared to view the exquisite sunset beginning, very aware that it would take our breath away.

That was the beginning of several days of peace & privacy when desired, and then with just a short beach walk, great music, food, shopping, not to forget the sand and warm, crystal clear water only a few feet from our porch that provided the best snorkeling, diving, boating, & just plain fun.

Again, the employees are dedicated, helpful, positive, laugh a lot, & the food is absolutely delicious.

I, as a Texan, love the ‘stars at night’ & expect ‘big & bright’ but I have to admit, the Roatan night sky is tremendous competition and well, did I say the stars there appear bigger & brighter!



Name: Lorna Wood

Date of visit: 03/19/2011

My husband, 18 year old son, friends and myself stayed at Luna Beach for approximately ten days.


Booking was a peice of cake with Debbie the daughter of the owner of Luna Beach. She made everything run smoothly, and was very helpful with any questions we had. We met her father at the resort, he is such a nice man.

Getting to West End

Luna is a great place to stay, within just a few minutes you go from a quiet relaxing accomodation to a busy area of the West End to the shops and restaurants, The walk from Luna to the West End is a really quick and easy beach walk. Really nice. I would also like to add that it is totally safe and that you can walk on the beach. Everyone is very friendly. If you like you can also stand out on Luna’s beautiful dock and get a water taxi into town. I’m not sure of the cost, but I don’t think it’s very much. They will boat you into the West End if you don’t feel like walking or if you have things to carry.

The Hotel

Luna Beach is beautiful, with it’s beautiful gardens of Hibiscus trees and palm trees. On site there are quite a few parrots who whistle and talk. They were rescued birds and everyone at Luna cares for them very well. Along with the Parrots are the friendly cats. They are trained not to bother you, and only come to you if invited. They too were cared for very well. My most favourite was an orange kitten I named “Gatto.”

The rooms were spacious and were kept incredibly clean. The housekeeping staff was so friendly. The grounds of the hotel were manicured everyday and the pool was super clean and warm.

The Luna Beach Restaurant

The restaurant was amazing. I had several dishes, my favourite……the Lobster Salad. All of the dishes were delicious. The food was served promptly and hot. The restaurant staff was very nice and looked after us very well. The restaurant is open, and there are tables that sit under umbrellas and eves. There is a Wi-Fi bar that you can sit at that is also open. Having everything open was really welcoming.

The Dive Shop…

three great guys from all over the world…who make an incredible dive team.

Okay, I can’t say enough about the dive shop. WOW!!!!! Arturo, is from Argentina and is the dive shop manager. He is wonderful. My son can’t stop talking about how he such a great guy and awesome teacher. He was very understanding, patient, and meticulously safety oriented about our diving. I really took a lot of notice to this, as safety was my number one concern. We were truly looked after and when we first met him, we knew we were in good hands. He has a passion for diving and people. He was very encouraging to my son and made the education of diving a great experience. My son took many dive courses with him. My husband and myself took the deep dive course. It was so much fun. I highly suggest taking your budding dive teens to this resort to be educated in diving. You can get can get your complete dive levels here. The classes are serious not just a one day hotel recreation certificate on diving. I highly recommend taking your budding dive teens here to learn how to dive ! properly. What a great thing to do while holidaying. There’s no one better to teach them then Arturo.

Adam is from Victoria, B. C., Canada, and was our dive master who again made sure we were comfortable with our dives and looked after our safety. He is a very skilled diver and knows everything there is to know about diving. He was very helpful with everything and was patient with our stupid questions that arose and our silly behaviours. You will learn a lot from him, even if you are well experienced yourself with diving.

Jose our dive master. I loved Jose who is from Mexico. He was sooo much fun on one hand, but safety conscious on the other. He really took the time to get to know everyone, not just on a dive level, but on a personal level. Jose took roll call many times on each dive. He was very concerned at all times and was very attentive with everything. He was an incredible dive master and made my day brighter and my diving a fun experience. I espeically enjoyed our jive on the dock. lol…

Ferman was the captain of our boat. He also took the time to get to know us. I can’t tell you how many times Ferman helped me with my gear. He would help me up and make it easier to get into the water and be there to help me when I go out of the water. Ferman is such a great guy.

The Dive Gear

Although I brought most of my own gear, you can be rest assured that you are getting nothing but the best at the Luna Beach Dive Shop. Their gear is all in really top notch condition. They also have lots of reference books you can purchase at the shop if you feel like catching up on your dive reading.

I had such a great time at Luna Beach. It was so wonderful. I can’t say enough good things about it. I will miss all of the staff, including the animals.

Name: Rolelio

Date of visit:  January 24 – February 4, 2011

It`s been a couple of weeks since we came back to Argentina. We have beautiful memories from our vacations at Luna Beach. Your place is far the best in Roatan. Your crew is excellent.

We want to especially thank Arturo Corvino who was very patient and always with an excellent attitude, that made us join to the Diving world. Also Veronica, the maid girl was always helpful with tips when our little girl was a little ill.

We love to see the pictures we took in your little piece of paradise. We look forward to go back to Luna Beach next year.

Thank you and regards.

Name: Jim Mount

Date of visit: 12/25/10 thru 1/06/11

My wife and I treated our son and his family of 4 to a week at Luna Beach over the holidays. I had done a good deal of research about places to stay on Roatan and selected Luna Beach. It was even better than we had expected. The resort is amazingly beautiful, the rooms and houses are spotlessly clean, the staff is friendly and helpful, and the dive shop is well equipped, very competent, and safety conscious. On top of that, the diving is very good with visibility in excess of 60 feet and water temperatures at 79F even in late December/early January. The coral is in good shape with little evidence of bleaching. There is a wide variety of colorful sponges and a fair number of fish species. The food at the resort is good, although the menu is somewhat limited. However, it is a short walk to the town of West End which has a large selection of restaurants. In addition, there are a variety of attractions nearby such as canopy tours, botanical gardens, etc. This is a great place to spend a week or two. We look forward to returning to Luna Beach.

Name: Jac

Visited: 04/06/2010

Your Message: We have stayed here in April. What a wonderfull time. I am still speechless about this holiday. I would recommend it to everyone i know.

Name: Christine and Don Staunton

Visited –  September 25, 2010

This was supposed to be our “once-in-a-lifetime” vacation to celebrate our tenth anniversary. We were going to go all out and stay someplace exotic, get our open water dive certification, and just splurge. “once-in-a-lifetime” turned into, “let’s go back as soon as possible”! We love Roatan, Luna Beach Resort, all the food, drinks, the quite lapping of the waves, but most of all, we love the people. Everyone was wonderful all over the island. The staff at Luna Beach couldn’t have been more warm and welcoming. Alan, our dive instructor was heaven sent. We had difficulty adjusting to the underwater world, but his calm, peaceful demeanor made it possible for us to complete our first dive and even forget about our phobias. Joan and Chuck are the best. They really know how to m! ake Luna Beach feel like home. Julissa and Hiram were a hoot and very sweet. The chefs in the kitchen prepared some of the best meals we had on the island. Jorge, the night guard moved our scooters out of harm’s way one night during a storm, a big thanks to him! The maid “dressed” our bed with fresh flowers on our last day in town. I could go on forever. We are heading back down in March, already booked with Debbie (who is also fantastic). Can’t wait till then!!

Krista and Dan Gerhart

Visited – 07/17-24/2010

Over the top vacation….thank you to all of the Luna Beach staff. This is a first-class operation! Our vacation exceeded our expectations. The staff was friendly and were willing to meet our every need.

Thanks to Sonia and Herman for assisting me on my school visit. It is unusual for the owner of the resort to live on site, but Chuck does and his hands-on approach to management is great. He was delightful to talk to. Debbie, who assisted us in booking our trip was great to work with. All questions that we had were addressed in a timely manner. Thanks, Debbie!

Our diving experiences were outstanding. We applaud the dive shop, managed by Alan Collins. Alan, our dive master Jose’ (dive master), and Ferman (boat captain) were the best! They were fun, conscientious and customer-service oriented. Their respect for the ocean and passion for the sport of diving was evident in their professional behaviors.

Whether you are a diver or not, this resort should not be missed. The setting is beautiful and natural. A great place to stay in Roatan.


Visited – July 3-17, 2010

Can’t say enough good things about the staff, accommodations, food, etc at Luna Beach Resort. Alan Collins, the dive shop manager, is not only delightful; he does an amazingly good job of managing the dive shop while providing top notch instruction to divers. I applaud his professionalism and the fact that he won’t compromise his and PADI’s standards for keeping divers safe. If you’re not certified to do particular dives, you shouldn’t be doing them! Alan, Jose, a divemaster, and Fermin, the boat captain, went out of their way to create a great experience for all 3 of us – couldn’t have asked for any better service. I felt completely safe with Alan while continuing my dive training and am impressed by his level of expertise as a trainer and his obvious ability under water. I also heard another very experienced! diver, who is certified as a dive trainer, say that he dives at Luna Beach because he completely trusts the top quality dive shop and attention to how the tanks are prepared and maintained, which I thought was a great compliment.

If you want a fabulous scuba diving experience, or just a nice getaway, Luna Beach Resort has it all. Debbie does an excellent job of booking your stay, making any necessary changes, and insuring accuracy of your bill. This is a resort you can trust to take care of all your needs. Having an onsite owner like Chuck also helps ensure that everything’s done right! Thanks Luna Beach Resort staff!

Elizabeth & Wayne

Visited – May 1-13

It has now been nearly a month since my husband Wayne and I returned from our vacation to Luna Beach. I had to write and tell you what a fabulous trip we had and how much we enjoyed Luna Beach. Our accommodation was perfect, the food was outstanding, all the staff we wonderful – what more can I stay.

On our arrival the first day I went into the dive shop to inquire about renting a mask and snorkel for snorkeling, got talking to Alan the dive shop manager and signed up to do my diving certification. It was AMAZING. Both Alan and JT were great instructors and made me feel really comfortable and at ease under water (although I had a couple of little panic attacks). My husband who was already certified also made two dives. We were both very impressed with the dive shop staff, their professionalism and the care that they took of the dive customers.

We can’t wait to make another visit to Roatan and will definitely stay at Luna Beach again. It was so convenient for everything we wanted to do.

Thank you to everyone at Luna Beach!

Lisa Bond

Visited – 05/13/2010

Loved every minute here. The entire staff was amazing we were treated great. The resort is beautiful.


Visited – Feb 27 -March 2, 2010

I just wanted to let you know that we had a WONDERFUL time at the resort! We has spent the previous two weeks on the mainland working long hours doing medical aid work, so this was exactly what we were looking for–somewhere quiet and beautiful to relax but close to the busier areas. It is in a perfect location. The resort was beautiful and the all the staff were great–we especially loved Daisy! When I mentioned to someone how smooth the reservation process was, they said that you’re the owner’s daughter. If that is the case, we met your dad too! He’s a very nice man and was very welcoming.

We are hoping to do the aid trip next year again, and if we are able to get out to Roatan, we will definitely be staying at Luna Beach and will be recommending it to others.

Wendy Williams

Visited – July 16-18, 2009

Absolutely the BEST trip to Roatan I’ve ever taken, and what made it so great was Luna Beach Resort! Booking was easy and enjoyable with emails back and forth, felt like I was writing to an old friend. The restaurant was incredible, we hardly ate anywhere else during our stay, couldn’t wait to get back to eat when we went out shopping or snorkeling. The owner was so friendly and took us on a personal tour of the place. The house we stayed in was beautiful and immaculate! Loved the way the maid tucked fresh flowers in our towels to decorate our bathroom! So many special touches, too many to list! I just feel bad that I took so long to write this note to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I will NEVER stay anywhere else on Roatan! I was online recommending it to a family friend tonight, that’s what prompted me to finally write to tell you thanks for such a fabulous vacation!

Jane Cummings

Visited – January 29, 2010

Your Message: Luna Beach resort made my New Year getaway with my girl friends unforgettable and heaps of fun! The staff were very friendly, the bartender made the best drinks out of all the bars we visited in West end, breakfast and dinner were tasty and reasonably priced, and the best part is the secluded location of the premier house we rented. The house has a great view of the jungle and the ocean and very clean. We invited our friends to come over our last day and they loved hanging out in the screened porch with us and looking at the ocean. Thanks for making our getaway memorable and would definitely recommend this resort to anyone visiting Roatan Island!

Lynn and Mike Saucier

Visited – Nov. 14-21, 2009

We couldn’t stop talking about what a great time we had at Luna on the way home from Roatan to TN. The accommodations are excellent, the food and service great, the staff great, the grounds beautiful. Everything immaculate. We were made to feel very comfortable and like we were with family. Diving and the dive team fabulous. We will be returning to Luna on our next trip to Roatan.

Lauren Gotcher

Visited Feb.7-14, 2009

My mom and I we’re so pleased and amazed with LBR!!Out of all the resorts we researched and saw on the island, this one was the BEST one for us! The entire staff was amazing, friendly and helpful. We felt like we made a real connection with everyone. Our room was comfortable, the food was great, everything and everyone there made it our best mother daughter vacation yet! We will see you all again VERY soon.

I already miss it and we’ve only been home 2 days.


Visited –  June 26-July 3, 2008

Our vacation at Luna Beach Resort was wonderful!!! Everyone in my group loved the tropical house, beach, jungle and etc. The staff were all so friendly and helpful. I didn’t want to leave. The location was great too. We were only a shout walk up the beach to West End. We snorkeled on Luna Beach Resorts private beach which was fabulous! We saw lobsters, a 2′ long sea cucumber, lots of fish and even an octopus!!! It was great! I am still thinking about my vacation to Roatan, Honduras and Luna beach Resort! I will definitely be returning in the future!!!

Fiona Hart

Visited – April 29, 2008

We had a lovely quiet stay at Luna Beach at the end of April (we must have avoided the cruise ships / weekends I think)! We stayed in the most basic room which had plenty of space and was just metres from our empty beach. We didn’t barely need the pool as the beach was so perfect for a swim. As the restaurant was closing early we enjoyed our evening walks up to West End for a great choice of food. All the staff were really helpful at Luna Beach with all our requests.

DIANNE & ADAM – congratulations on your wedding, I hope you enjoyed your honeymoon. We have some photos and little video of your wedding at Luna Beach, if you could email me:

Dave Hicks

Visited – April 5, 2008

We had only visited Roatan as a port of call from the Crusie ships prior to our time at Luna.

Great choice for a vacation destination and great resort for a week on Roatan!

The accommodations were superb and the staff so very friendly. The food at the Resort made it hard to go elsewhere even though we did some. The location with West End a short walk and West Bay Beach a pleasant hike in the mornings was perfect.

We really enjoyed the snorkeling, the trip to the East end of the Island, the swim with dolphins just to name a few.

A big thanks to Chuck and all the staff for a wonderful 8 days!

Chris & Scott Wheelock

Visited – April 12-19, 2008

Hello Debbie – Before the time slipped away, I wanted to let you know what a WONDERFUL time we had in Roatan! I rather hate to tell everyone because I certainly don’t want the island to lose its charm and become crowded!

Your resort is beautiful and after touring most of the island, we could not have been happier with our selection. It was great to be so close to town and we wondered to Sundowner almost every night for the best view of the sunset and adult beverages. Your staff was very kind to us, the dive staff was OUTSTANDING and the diving was beyond belief!

My husband has always said that he doesn’t understand why people vacation and visit the same place, but he is already talking about coming back to Roatan!

Thanks again for all your assistance!

Lee and Connie Cameron

Visited – February 23 2008

Thank you everyone at Luna Beach! We hooked up with my sister and her husband for a Caribbean vacation at Luna Beach and we experienced a week in paradise. Our tropical house was perfectly secluded with a spectacular view of the ocean. Although none of us are divers, we experienced the best snorkeling ever. The dive staff even let us hop on the boat and go out to the reef to snorkel.At the end of the day we enjoyed meeting other guests at the dock for sunset and visiting. After sunset we either ate at Luna Beach restaurant or walked up the beach 10 minutes to enjoy the town of West End. At the end of the evening “in town”, we loved walking back home along the beach to peaceful secluded Luna Beach.

Everyone at Luna Beach went out of their way to make our stay wonderful. I especially want to thank Debbie for her unbelievable customer service. During the trip planning phase, Debbie’s response time to my questions via email or telephone was incrediblel

Chuck, you have created an amazing place!


Visited –  Febuary 2007

We went on a family trip that turned out to bond our family because we all were able to play where ever we wanted. The staff always went above and beyond and the tree houses were comfortable for all. My father was attemping to get certified as a diver and the staff made sure that he was comfortable and experienced. They really want you to be the best and will take the time to learn it all. The atmosphere was relaxing and small enough so you did not feel like people were on top of you. I left my shoes in our house and the staff made sure that they returned to me all the way in Denver.

Great place to vacation, enjoy life and take in some water sports while feeling at home.

Ray Tinkler

Visited – November 16, 2007

Came down to chill and blow bubbles and I did both.  Dive staff was great and made everything easy.  Ocean was a little rough but under the water the views were magnificent.  I would definitely come back but next time I will stay longer than two days as it took me that long to get on “Island Time”

Lynn & Janet Lockwood

Visted –  August 1 2007

My wife and I were looking for a vacation destination to relax and recharge our souls. We found this and more during our stay at the Luna Beach Resort. Instead of business relationships we developed friendships with the staff and other guests. Instead of corporate choreography and there was a very familial atmosphere and sense of community.

The owner Chuck, and his exemplary staff, including but not limited to Olee, Angie, & Steven made us comfortable, kept us intrigued with all the island offers, and responded congenially and successfully to any and every request or inquiry.

No bags at the carousel? Our luggage arrived a day later than we did, but no problem, we outfitted ourselves with quality merchandise at the Gift Shop.

Hungary for seafood? The best fish we had for dinner in the West End came from the Luna Beach Restaurant.

Don’t scuba dive? Plenty to do in a 10 minute walk to West End Village or a 5 minute water taxi ride to West Bay Beach.

Want to unplug from the high tech world? With no television or phone in the rooms we could move with the rhythms of the day.

Need an ATM in Coxen Hole? Herman is always available to arrange a taxi to another part of the island.

Sand flies bothering you? Be vigilant with the Cactus Juice of which there is a ready supply for purchase in the office.

Want to advance check-in your flight? Log on in the office and print your boarding pass.

The cleanest water we’ve swam in 20 years. Beautiful and spacious suites with a mesmerizing ocean view. Our most relaxing and peaceful vacation.

Maureeen and Ron Halverson

Visited – February of 2007

We visited Luna Beach in February of this year and had the pleasure of working with Wolfgang. Maureen is a newcomer to diving and had never done an open water dive. She was pretty nervous about the whole thing, but from the moment she met Wolfgang, things improved greatly! He did a wonderful job of putting her at ease and making a real diver out of her. She is tremendously grateful for having the opportunity to learn with a true expert and a wonderful teacher. She keeps a picture of herself and Wolfgang in her office just to remind herself that anything is possible! This is a real first- class dive operation, from start to finish

Justin and Paula Droddy

Visited – 6-17-07 through 6-24-07

Thank you so much to everyone at Luna Beach Resort! Our 1st anniversary was amazing and we could not have found a better place to celebrate our 1st year of marriage. We promised each other as we were walking along the beach on our last evening in Roatan that we would come back on our 5th anniversary. Thanks again, from diving to dining, each staff member took such great care of us. God Bless Luna Beach Resort and the awesome people there!


Visited – May 19 2007

I didn’t use the dive shop, so I can’t comment on that. The location is nice, away from town and quiet which is okay if that is what you are looking for. But overall I would have to say I was disappointed in my stay. Several sources touted a/c and cable TV. A/C in the room worked well, but the only place for the TV was at the bar which closed by 9:00 pm. Also, for an “upscale” place I was disappointed that there was an additional charge to pay for my accommodations with a credit card. This seems to be common practice among the lesser hotels as I have been traveling around Honduras for the last month, but not in the nicer places.

For the price not worth my money and won’t/wouldn’t recommend the place to friends/family, cheaper places with more to do just down the street and lots of dive shops to choose from if that is what you want to do.

The Kellin Family

Visited – April 2007

We had a great time at the Luna Beach Resort. Upon arrival we were immediately impressed with the resort layout and our beautiful villa. It was spacious, clean, reasonable and exceeded our expectations. We had a party of 9 and we had plenty of room. The resort is nestled nicely on the beach with plenty of privacy and close distance to shops and restaurants. The island is laid back, has good restaurants and their is plenty to do. Our Joanie recommends the pizza with ham at pomaodoro! Mr. Chuck and the crew at the Luna were awesome. The only advice I would give vacationers is bring bug repellent, the sand fleas and no sea um’s ate us alive, thanks to all at the Luna for making our Honduran trip awesome, we definitly would come back to the Luna Beach.

Mike Annable

Visited – Summer of 2006

My wife and I loved it there and we will be back!

Anita Barnett

Visited – December 16 2006

We had 3 glorious weeks at Luna Beach over Christmas and New Year, stayed in house no 2. We are a family of 4 with two children aged 9 and 2. My 2 year old son Gil didn’t want to come home and is still not happy about having to wear shoes and keeps asking to go and see his friends Nilka and Angie.

My husband really enjoyed diving with Wolfgang, Martin and Furman. He done his Rescue Diver course while we were there.

The staff are brilliant, the house was lovely. I would really recommend it for anyone who wants to get away from it all but still be within 10 minutes walk to the town for a more lively time.

Hire a car so you can get out and see some of the island, but if you do not want to do that, use the water taxi’s and go to West Bay, but beware it is really busy when the cruise ships come in!!!!!

The only bad thing about the whole island is the bugs, I have never been bitten so much. The cactus juice worked on the youngest but not on the rest of us, I think we were using a can of deet a day and still looked like we had chickenpox.

Will we go back, yes, and we have never been anywhere twice!

Catherine Head

Visited –  4th January 2007

Luna Beach was a little slice of paradise. We loved it and were very sad to leave. Perfect location away from it all, and we really enjoyed walking into the West End at night for dinner knowing we could slip away from the busy part back to our bit of peace and quiet.

But the best thing of all was the diving. Wolfgang and Martin were fantastic. Although we had qualified both of us had lost our confidence as we had experienced some really bad instruction…but lucky for us we had Wolfgang & Martin on hand. They were so patient and calm with us it changed everything. We now want to keep diving rather than being scared to do it. We cant thank them enough.

Hopefully one day we will return

Monte Kruger and Family

Visited – Dec. 20, 2006

Fabulous dive vacation. Eric, our son completed his open water certification with Wolfgang. Great instruction and introduction to diving, after which our entire family was able to dive together. Our dive master Martin couldn’t have been more accommodating. Martin we miss you! We came home to 20 degree weather. Miss the warmth that all of you provided during our visit. Our pictures will provide memories that will last a life time.

Thanks for everything, we’ll be back.

Curt, Monte, Emily and Eric

Jim and Linda Whitacre

Visited – December 16 – 23, 2006

Paradise Found! Beautiful blue, clear waters; great accommodations; friendly staff; and an excellent dive shop. Just imagine
waking up to a beautiful sunny day, seeing the clear blue ocean and walking 3 minutes to the dock and dive boat and then riding 5 minutes to the reef
and dive site. The dive master – Wolfgang and his staff Martin, Drew, and Furman were friendly, helpful and always safety conscious. On 7 dives,
including a night dive, Jim was able to see a variety of ocean life. These dives were at 7 different locations on the reef. While the dives were
happening, Linda and her sister floated in the blue waters – read and soaked up the sun. Chuck, the owner of Luna Beach Resort, has built a beautiful
resort and maintains an efficient staff to take care of your every need. His daughter Debbie who lives in Colorado, takes care of reservations, and
we found her to be exceptionally helpful. If you love seafood – particularly lobster this is the island for you. Lots of places to eat and enjoy!

Feel free to email us with any questions that you have. Our plans are to return to this excellent resort and enjoy sun, water, food, people and of course diving.

George Siggins

Visited – December 16, 2006

Mary Jane and I had a great time at your resort. The diving was very good and the dive shop people were more than accomodating and friendly. The facilities worked really well for our group of 4. Suite B was just right and in the best location. We would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks Chuck, Wolfgang, Drew, Martin, Furman and the rest of the staff.

Heath & Danielle

Visited – August 12, 2006

My fiancee Danielle and I wanted to share our experience as we had quite a memorable 8-day vacation at Luna Beach in August.

All of the resort staff were fantastic. From the knowledgeable dive master’s and instructors to the friendly bar and office staff who made our stay one we will never forget.

The quiet spotless beach is spectacular and the turquoise-blue water is warm and enticing.

The scuba diving was great; we did about a dozen dives during our stay and we both completed our Advanced Open Water certifications.

We had one particularly memorable dive, as I proposed 15 feet underwater during a safety stop and thanks to the help of Wolfgang and his great staff, I managed to pull off the surprise undetected. They also captured the entire marriage proposal with photos and video, complete with champagne on board after wards to celebrate.

We took more than 300 underwater photos during our stay, and would recommend Luna Beach to any avid diver.

My only recommendation is that no matter where you stay in Honduras, buy a bottle of Cactus Juice spray to ward off the “no see-ums” that tend to nibble at your ankles.

If you’re looking to stay somewhere away from the touristy stuff, for a tranquil, relaxing escape, then Luna is the place for you.


Heath & Danielle

John Gregory

Visited – August 6, 2006

Great time learning to dive, EJ was a great instructor and Wolfgang, Jose and everyone else on the dive staff were both professional and fun. Mr. Chuck, you are a classic — I am glad you and my Dad got to hang out so much. I am definitely coming back again.


Visited – July 29 – August 5, 2006

We have decided that Luna Beach Resort is just about the most perfect place for a vacation. The house was great and being at the end of the beach gave us the peace and quiet we wanted, while making it super easy to get to town for restaurants and nightlife. The short walk was easy and safe, even late at night. Away from the traffic and noise, yet close to everything makes for a great visit. The diving was wonderful. Wolfgang, Joanie and the rest of the staff were very professional, yet warm and friendly. Great Diving!! A highlight was the squadron of ten squid that entertained us one afternoon at Mandy’s Eel Garden. Quite a performance of synchronized swimming; although with the blue sky and clear water it was like watching a formation of exotic waterfowl. Could have hung out there forever! Thanks to Chuck for all of his attention to detail that makes the resort an outstanding home away from home. We appreciate the whole staff for all of your efforts to make our stay so enjoyable. We hope to return again.^ Top


Visited – July 29 – August 5, 2006

Thanks to the entire staff of Luna Beach Dive Shop and the staffr of the resort itself. What a nice vacation!! The dive was super–long, relaxed dives with lots and lots to see. Joannie and Wolfgang were wonderful dive masters, and Jose handled the boats with great skill. We really had a good time and left with some wonderful memories. Thanks again.^ Top

Steve, Jane and Jesse

Visited-July 13-20, 2006

We spent a week at Luna Beach and it was one of our best vacations ever. The place is beautiful, very well kept and clean and the people who work there are very nice.But what made this so special for us was the diving and the dive team led by the incomparable Wolfgang Schild. We did the advanced course with Wolfgang and he was the best instructor we’ve ever had, fun to be with, interesting, articulate and caring. The whole operation is terrific, Joannie and EJ are great divemasters who make every dive special, and all are safety conscious. Jose and Edwin are great captain and first mate and fun to be with. A great place.^ Top

Shanna Lyssy-Taylor

Visited-July 16, 2006

My wedding at Luna Beach was perfect! It was a huge decision to have a wedding so far away from Texas, and the monetary commitment from my family and friends would be a real stretch. I was so afraid that we would all give so much and go so far and have it fall short of expectations. The gamble paid off! The island is truly a paradise; I’ve been to seven islands in the West Indies, and found each island to have one major asset. Roatan has all of the best features on one small island! Four of our group took advantage of diving, and, though a travel agent told me there was nothing to do for non-divers, we kept ourselves busy the entire week and are already planning our next trip to do the things we didn’t get to! The resort was a perfect fit for our group which ranged in age from 6 through 17 to 67. We had a perfect sense of privacy and intimacy, yet were within walking distance of West Bay Beach (OMG!) and West End (great shopping). Everything was perfect and, in case there was any doubt about it having been a perfect choice, my dad wants to move to Roatan, my sibs and I are planning a return trip, and my mother cried when we were leaving. We all agreed it was the best vacation any of us had ever had! Thanks Chuck, for making your dream our reality!^ Top

Harvey Balcazar

Visited-July 16, 2006

Chuck thanks for your hospitality. Joanny thanks for showing us the best of the dive sites. Jose thanks, you made every thing so easy while diving. To every body else thanks the place is always immaculate.^ Top

Dana Thompson

Visited – June 19 – 28, 2006


I had such a perfect time at Luna Beach. I have done a fair share of traveling and this trip was, by far, one I will hold dear to my heart for a long time.

I got my Open Water Scuba certification and I felt completely safe the whole time. What an incredible dive team. Thank you so much Wolfgang, EJ and Joanie. You each brought something so special and unique to every one of my dives. I can’t get the reef out of my head and I am excited about planning my next trip back to Luna Beach to get my Advanced certification.

Thank you Chuck for building such an amazing resort. It is the perfect island get away and I am telling everyone I know about it. It is great for any age group. And thanks to Jimmy for all of my delicious Monkey La-Las. Man do I miss those. I hope to see all of you very soon.^ Top


Visited – June 17, 2006

Luna beach was such a great experience for me! i had an awesome time! and the dive team was the best ever!! i probably wouldn’t have had as much fun if it wasn’t for them! i just thank y’all for being so great to everybody! I will definitely visit y’all again!! and it would be very nice if I could keep in contact with some of the dive masters there! thanx!^ Top


Visited – June 3 – 10, 2006


Thanks for making this past week great. I had a great time at luna. The beach-view bugalows were fantastic. I especially enjoyed relaxing in my hammock, reading a book, and listening to the waves crash against the shore just 30 feet from my room. This isn’t your typtical vacation experience!

What really made this trip great is the dive team. Wolfgang, EJ, and Joannie were people and even better instructors. I can honestly say that they helped make this experience great. The instructors were fun, personable, and a great resource to diving and the island in general.

I’d come back to Luna and Roatan again in a heartbeat. Thanks for the wonderful experience all.


John^ Top

Marilyn N.

Visited – March 11 – 19, 2006

What a wonderful time we had and what a beautiful place Luna Beach is. It far exceeded our expectations. The house worked out perfect for our group – plenty of space for everyone. I guess I didn’t realize there was maid service, so it was such a nice surprise to come back to the house the first afternoon and find the beds made, fresh towels, and even the breakfast dishes washed. What a treat for me!

The best part by far was the great staff at the dive shop. We dove twice a day and really got to know everyone well. My two older kids got their Advanced Certifications and worked with Tim and Andrea on that. Everyone there was so much fun to be around; we dove a lot with Joanie and she was a blast. She always managed to find lots of interesting things on each dive to point out to us. They were also extremely safety conscious, which I appreciated.

We all agreed that this was probably the best vacation we have had together. But even the words I wrote can only begin to describe what a wonderful place you have there! The little town of West End was really nice too. The kids enjoyed walking into town a couple of times each day, and several evenings we went in for dinner. After experiencing Roatan, it seems like everything here is so excessive! Amazing how simple life can be and how little you really need to get by. It was so relaxing and we spent a lot of time just hanging out together and enjoying the beautiful scenery. We are already starting to thing about when we can go next year!

^ Top

Cindy Xanthopoulos

Visited – January 29, 2006

Hi All,

I just wanted to thank everybody for being so nice with my first open water diving experiences. I especially would like to give muchos kudos to Tim for being so patient (that’s a complement).

We got home ok, but 3 of 4 of our luggage did not yet; Ron is very concerned about his dive log… I am pledging to do carry-on only in the future! Unfortunately my mask that leaks made it!

Hope to see you again—you were all really great!

^ Top

Penny and Perry

Visited – January 22 – Feb 4, 2006

Hi All,

We have so many beautiful memories of Luna Beach. We loved the privacey and intimacy of the resort so much that we rarely left it in the 2 weeks we were there. Why go into town when you have perfection right there? Monkey Lala’s and lobster, a quiet beach and great service.Chuck and Ada are very gracious hosts.

We were among the lucky divers who got to see the whale shark, and a large pod of dolphins. What else can I say? That I cried on the way home?

We are really happy that we were able to get our advanced open water certification while we were there. Tim and Andrea are very knowledgeable and professional dive instructors. EJ shared with us many of his insights and it was a pleasure to dive with such a dedicated divemaster. In the murky depths of Spooky Channel I was hyper aware of how much I trusted him!

^ Top

Gary Hooper

Visited – January 20, 2006

We had a great time at Luna Beach… really did not want to leave. Anna, her mom and I really enjoyed ourselves. Chuck and Ada (and the staff) were as nice as you said they were, Chuck and I had a great time as our backgrounds are similar in many ways. Tim and Andrea run a first class dive operation, we really enjoyed our time diving. I did my Nitrox certification while I was there. E.J. and Wendy are two new dive masters and both are great people. Anna and I did most of our diving with EJ, he is a remarkable guy; very professional and conscientious with a great sense of humor. We really enjoyed his company. Jimmy is your number 1 bartender for sure. Once you get to know him, he is very personable. Jackie and Cindy were also nice people.

^ Top

Mili Zeballos

Visited – January 2006

I’m writing to congratulate you! you have an excellent resort! The rooms were perfect! The view!!! The sheets, the furniture, No TV and no telephone!!! I loved that! Mr. Chuck and Ada were really nice with us. Ada is very polite and wise! She knows how to do her work very well. The food was very good and I found that the prices were OK. I loved to feel there was no one at the resort although it was complete! The maids were also very kind. I could see everything tidy (also under the cabins) no garbage, no leaves… only the tidy sand. I had an excellent time! I loved to feel the hotel was empty! It was so nice! I felt I was in an exclusive Club! Really! It was perfect! I hate to feel the people is all around! And the presence of your father always there talking with the guests gave a cozy atmosphere, it made me feel thathe really cared about his guests, how they were … etc… You may reach 11 points over 10!!!

^ Top

Ted and Stacy

Visited – December 17, 2005

Luna Beach Resort Rocks! We stayed in a little beach front Cabina that we loved. We met some really great people and the staff took very good care of us. Those Monkey La la’s are an island favorite… you must have one or two. (Thanks Jimmy) The dive crew and the dive boat capt. were very professional and we felt that we were in good hands even thru some really rough weather. Way to go Guys! Hopefully we will meet again. I’m glad we celebrated Christmas together! Thanks Chuck and Ada! Until Next time!

^ Top

John & Tracy Melendez

Visited – Novmember 5, 2005

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our time at Luna Beach Resort. The diving was very good. The staff both at the dive facility and the resort were outstanding. We certainly plan to return some time in the future. Thanks again.

^ Top

Darel F. Van Sickler

Visited – November 2005

Friends, this is diving at it’s best. A first class dive team to support all your needs.

Additional schooling for open water divers, great coral reef dives and wall diving, tremendous underwater marine life. The owner Mr.Chuck runs a spectacular resort, very secluded and private, good security, but all guests are open and friendly around the bar, and the lodging and the food is fantastic. There are many near-by restaurants with-in walking distance with great food.

Best diving vacation resort spot I have been to in my entire life.

Darel Van Sickler

Laurel, Maryland U.S.A.

^ Top

Lindsay Knaak

Visited – October 2005

Thanks again for a wonderful stay.

Despite Hurricane Wilma putting a wet damper on my trip, the entire resort staff and Chuck and Ada were extremely accommodating and kind. I can’t think of a better place, or a better group of people, to hole up with for a week until the storm passed!

I will definitely be back, and next time you better believe that I’ll be diving!


San Francisco by way of Colorado

^ Top

Dennis and Colleen Pannell

Visited – September 25, 2005

We loved Luna Beach Resort. House 10 was absolutely perfect for us. Thank you for making our Daughter’s wedding that much more memorable. Please pass on our sincere thanks to the entire staff for their professional and courteous service of all our needs. Perfect resort in the perfect location… hope to see you all again soon!

^ Top

Jim, Kate & Jack and Team Snorkle Ilse & Carrie

Visited – Aug 14 – 18, 2005

Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over for a wonderful stay a your Luna Beach!! Madd luvv to Chuck, Ada, Jimmy, Nicole, Jose and Ferman and literally everyone else associated with Luna for making our stay something truly special.

Despite our Father Figure Phil not being able to join us, we managed to drink enough Monkey La La’s to make up for his absence and were blessed with plenty of stories of gorgeous underwater creatures and scenery to take home with us so it would seem like he was there himself.

Nicole, thank you for the incredible underwater finds and we still think you stuffed a school of squid and the seahorse in your BCD before going down!

Definitely #1 on our recommendations list and we all can’t wait to return!!

Muchas gracias,

Jim, Kate & Jack and Team Snorkle Ilse & Carrie

^ Top

Brad and Rebecca

Visited – July 2005

We both spent 2 fantastic nights here and can’t recommend it enough.

Thanks to super friendly owners Chuck and Ada and Debbie for organising an enjoyable stay. We look forward to coming back and staying longer next time!


^ To


Visited – July 6, 2005

I just wanted to say thanks for the hospitality and the great stay at your resort. Everyone had a wonderful time. The snorkel trip on the Dive boat was a blast. The snorkeling was incredible. I took a tour of your house rentals. They are very impressive for such a small island. All the comforts of home. I think a return visit for a couple days during the winter is just what my family will need. I also now have a new favorite drink. Of course it is the Monkey La La. I told my wife whenever she sees me wearing my Luna Beach T-shirt make sure she makes me a la la.

Thanks again,


^ Top

Don and Amber

Visited – June 16 2005

Thank you soo much Luna Beach staff. Our trip started off horribly due to a canceled flight but it turned out to be the best trip ever. Thank you Nicole for the great diving. I also wanted to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog every week. Thanks Jose and Fermin, we could not have gotten to the dive sites without you. Thanks Jimmy and all the staff. Truly this was a memorable experience and we are already planning our trip back.

^ Top

Mark and Valerie

Visited – June 10-19, 2005

We had a great time! Everyone there treated us like family. I cried when we left.

We love the resort—very romantic. We loved the diving and Tim, Andrea, Nicole and all the guys on the boat ROCK!

Everyone at the resort is wonderful, especially Jimmy.

We will be back and we will tell every diver we know or talk to to stay at Luna Beach and to go diving with the gang at the dive shop.

^ Top


Visited – June 2, 2005

I thought I knew Roatan. Boy, was I ever worng. Luna Beach is so close to everything in the charming village of West End, but it was hard to leave the luxury of the resort to go enjoy the cute resturants there. The food at the resort was great, but we did venture the short walk down the beach to have dinner and enjoy a few drinks.

The luxury of the resort is proably as good a value as anywhewere I’ve been in the Caribbean. it was a affordable choice for my limited budget and a lot more than i found any where else.

You don’t know Roatan until you’ve seen La Luna

^ Top

Peter Margie

Visited – May 9, 2005

I had a wonderful, but short, 4 night visit to Luna Beach Resort in May. I HAD to return to Roatan 2 1/2 weeks after an extended stay… I loved the island and diving so much! Luna Beach is a charming resort which is well situated to all the island of Roatan has to offer. The diving and snorkeling are wonderful right off the beach and the night life and restaurants of West End Town are a short walk away. No worries about being too close to the action however. The resort has a very secluded feel and is very romantic. The onsite dive operation is first rate and Jimmy “AKA Dr Cool” behind the bar mixes a mean Monkey LaLa. Mr Chuck, the owner, is an attentive host and will make you feel right at home. This resort is perfect for couples, families and singles alike. Go and you WILL enjoy! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Peter Margie

^ Top


Visited – April 23-29, 2005

Thanks for a very very special week. Special thanks to oue great dive instructor Tim Brown who really took good care of myself and my two -almost all wonderful almost all the time teenagers- kids. He really made our week! Saw more of him than my wife! Thanks also to Andrea and Nicole. Best wishes to Chuck and Michael and all the eversmiling office staff. The taxi driver who edrove us to the resort on saturday morning insisted on coming back to pick us up at 5:30 am the day of our departure but I did not know his name or anything else. Luckily for us he actually showed up on time Friday morning. But lo and behold, as we were ready to get in the cab, a car pulls up beside us. It was Jimmy, our affable friend from the bar-restaurant. I had casually mentionned to him that I was worried that the said taxi driver might have forgotten about us or that a late bed time could have played against us. So HE got up at five in the morning only to make sure that we would not be stranded. I still cant believe it. Thank you again Jimmy. Thank you Luna Beach.

^ Top

Brian, Judy and Ali

Visited – April 9-17, 2005

We had a great week at Luna Beach. We stayed in a two-bedroom bungalow situated right on the beach. Nothing fancy, to be sure, but everything is clean and well maintained. The hotel restaurant is more than adequate for breakfast and lunch, and the West End’s wide assortment of restaurants is a short beach walk away for dinner. The service at Luna Beach is excellent. Chuck, the ever-friendly, down-to-earth owner, is always around and ready to tend to questions and needs. The office staff, housekeeping and waiter/bartenders are all personable, courteous and efficient. No “manana” or sour attitudes here! The big draw is the diving, with dozens of beautiful sites within 20 minutes and most within five. In 10 dives over a week we saw hawskbill turtles, stingrays, eels, barracuda, toadfish and scorpion fish as well as spectacular coral formations. Tim and Andrea run a top-notch dive operation where the emphasis is on safe and comfortable diving. Hector, the divemaster, does a superb job finding and identifying aquatic life, and he takes care to guide dives at an easy but steady pace that works well for novice and experienced divers alike. Quiet, casual and friendly; Luna Beach is a wonderful vacation spot!

^ Top

Bill and Angel Engblom

Visited – February 20, 2005

Bill and I picked up a severe bug in Roatan. The symptoms include waking up in the middle of the night and trying to figure out how the heck to live there! We absolutely loved Luna Beach. The perfect vacation. Our boys, Alec and Michael cried on the way home because they did not want to leave. We fell in love with Chuck and Ada and the entire Luna Beach staff and met many wonderful people. My dream is to buy a home there and live there when the kids are on their own. If you are out there reading this and deciding whether Luna Beach is the place, look no further, THIS IS THE PLACE!

^ Top

Lee and Michelle Conatser

Visited – February 14, 2005

Wow… What a beautiful resort. We had the time of our lives! The house was wonderful and the service was 1st class all the way! We so enjoyed talking with Chuck and Ada (The owners) We felt like old friends when we left. We went diving for the first time and Andrea and Tim were incredible. We are definitely coming back next year and taking our boys to our little slice of paradise! (Jimmy is the best!)

^ Top

Kathleen, Megan and Sharon

Visited – February 13-22, 2005

We had way too much fun! Thanks to Dive Master Tim and Andrea for all the great dives and the encouragement to go for our advanced certifications. The night dive was the most fun. We loved Luna Beach and felt very safe there being three women traveling together. Chuck and Ada have a top rate staff and we will definitely come back. Hi to Tim and Andrea from the girls!

^ Top

Glenn and Marcie Godleski

Visited – February 5, 2005

Luna Beach is the best place in West End. I love the fact it is away from all the other resorts and just a short walk to town. The food and service were excellent. The accommodations were nice and clean. Andrea and Tim made diving very convenient. Chuck and Ada and the entire staff were wonderful. We are planning to return soon to PARADISE.

^ Top

Ty Newton

Visited – October 10 – 16, 2004

Luna Beach Resort was the best place in West End, possibly the whole Island! My wife, our two friends and I had a great time there. All of the staff including the dive masters Marc, Robert, and Liz , the owner Chuck and his wife, all of the Bar Staff Demara, Hiram, and Roland were all great people and very friendly! They made our experience there very enjoyable. We came at just the right time in the low season because the week we were there it was slow and we got a lot of personal attention. And the resort was the most beautiful one we saw in our entire trip. I would recommend this place to everyone, but we want it all to ourselves again. Keep up all the good work Chuck! We’ll see you next time!


^ Top

Jerry Fell

Visited – October 2004

We had a great time. Was the off season which was even better for us. We had the boat to ourselves almost each day and the diving was wonderful. The food was very good however the service was sometimes slow but worth the wait. We partied a bit too much and locked ourselves out of the cabin one night. We had to go to Chucks house for another key. Sorry we woke you Chuck. See you next year.

^ Top

driver mumu

Visited – October 2004

I hope to see you guys again in October, special thanx to Sean and Patrice. I spent all Holly Week in tha most private Resort I’ve ever been.

^ Top

Alice Rambin

Visited – September 25-10, 2004

My husband and I have been going to Roatan every year since 1994. We have always stayed at a nice place that consisted of one bedroom and bath cabanas. This time I was taking two of my daughters and sons-in-law so they could see what mom has been raving about for so long. With it being 5 of us we needed more room. At Luna Beach we were able to get a very nice 3 bedroom 2 bath house for less than what two cabanas would have cost.(And even with that the kids said ‘Hey Mom we love you but where would you stay…’ Ha).

After 10 years at the other place we were still Mr. and Mrs. Rambin. The people there were nice but you still felt like a vistor. Chuck, the owner at Luna Beach made us feel totally at ease. He made us feel like we were visiting old friends. The house we stayed in was very spacious and beautifully furnished. The maids kept it clean and provided us with plenty of clean towels. The bar stakk was friendly and fun to be around. None of us are divers but all love to snorkel. We went out with the dive boat for only $5 per person per dive site. Marc and the dive staff crew were very accommodating. They made you feel just as important as the divers. They were great! Marc, I bet the surprise birthday visit to see your Mother was the best birthday present she could have gotten.

I am planning another trip by myself towards the end of Jan. I will definitely be staying there. You feel real safe and secure. The 2 daughters and sons-in-laws are already talking about going back with Mom to Luna Beach later next year.

To Chuck, Marc, and the rest of the staff.. thanks for making our vacation to paradise… PARADISE

Can’t wait to see y,all again!


^ Top

L. Craig

Visited – September 25, 2004

We’re back from our trip and had an absolutely wonderful time. Thank you to all the Luna Beach Resort employees for making this an amazing week! We were there with a handful of other guests (LOVE low season!) and got to know all of them very well. We want to thank everyone, from the kitchen to gardeners and dive shop for making this a great experience.

We ate most of the time at the Resort. The food was very good, and Chuck indeed chooses good meats! I would have loved to have seen more local plate choices. They had a daily “typical” plate, but it’s offered mainly to employees so it wasn’t always available. I wish they offered a straight forward plate everyday (on the menu). For example, one with rice, beans, plantains, baliadas, pork, etc. We did find it in town and it was good.

The diving team is absolutely terrific! Marc, Liz, Robert, and the rest of the crew were top-notch. We enjoyed diving with them. Marc runs a tight ship and it shows. Very well done. He followed all safety concerns and is probably one of the best dive masters we have met. Very knowledgeable of local sites and great at finding picture opps.

Again, thank you! The ATM in town was fine.

^ Top

Richard Harper

Visited – September 18, 2004

After many hours of research on the different resorts in Roatan, I decided to stay at Luna Beach for a week and had a GREAT time. The resort is owned and managed by Chuck, an older gentleman who lives on the resort and is very involved in daily operations thus making the guests comfort and satisfaction a number one priority. My fiance and I found the following:

STAFF: Very attentive in making your stay a happy one.

ROOMS: Very clean and affordable with lots of hot water and fresh towels daily.

MEALS: Very good and tasty. Hot meals were hot and cold served cold. Good menu selection for a remote island.

BAR: Big selection of refreshments to choose from. Try the Monkey La La.

BEACH: Raked and cleaned each morning by staff.

DIVE SHOP: Boat is fairly new with lots of room, two dive ladders and a very qualified staff who knew all the best spots.

DIVE SPOTS: Wrecks, healthy reefs and a lot of interesting marine life. What else does a diver need?

The “only” problem I encountered were the local bugs. They seem to be immune to DEET products. I later found out that Cactus juice or Avon Skin so Soft with repellent works the best.

Would I go back? In a hearbeat.

^ Top

Leslie Bergstrom

Visited – September 11, 2004

Many many thanks to everyone at Luna Beach. Even though we came to you under unusual circumstances, (by way of hurricane Ivan pummeling our home, Grand Cayman) our unplanned stay was great and the people there so helpful, accommodating, and warm. The resort and homes are truly beautiful and we hope to return some day with our husbands.

with warmest regards, Leslie Bergstrom, Jeri Bovell and families

^ Top

Shelley Harmon

Visited – September 11, 2004

Thank you for the adventure of a lifetime. My family loved every minuet. Your staff were wonderful, our house was perfect, the food was delicious , the grounds were gorgeous and the diving spectacular. We can’t wait to go back. We now have a new saying in the family. “Monkey La La”. Thanks again for a great time.

Shelley Harmon and Family

^ Top

Emily Coady

Visited – August 14, 2004

I love roatan because Liz and Marc the dive instructors were awesome. We had so much fun diving with them. You should go to Roatan too! Its my favorite place in the world. There is so much stuff to do. xoxo


^ Top

Eliana Benitez

Visited – July 23 2004


We were a group of 8 who visited Luna Beach on 7/23/04. We had a great time and would like to send some pictures to thue guys who work there. (Maria, Damaris & Roland).

^ Top

Michael Nehring

Visited – June 7-14, 2004

Thank you so much for the fantastic vacation at Luna Beach and Roatan. I can honestly say that your staff was nothing but superb, extremely friendly and helpful. My compliments to the chef and bar staff. While there I was able to tour the island and hit most of the beaches. My eyes were opened to the value of appreciating our surroundings and the beauty of people that have not been corrupted with entitlement, excessive possessions and the fast pace of modern societies.

As Arnold would say, “I’ll be back!”

^ Top

Laura And Randy Denny

Visited – June 3, 2004

We had the time of our life. Thanks for helping to make our 5 year anniversary so special. Thanks for helping set everything up to renew our wedding vows.

Everyone at Luna Beach is great and we felt like family.

We’ll be abck soon. Three visits in one year and we still can’t get enough.

Love to all

The Dennys

^ Top

Sharon A. Cobb

Visited – June 1, 2004

Absolutely delightful hotel and staff. I’ve been to 5 continents and never have I found such personal attention and helpful staff. The beauty of the hotel and surroundings are truly world class and unsurpassed! The underwater world is famous around the globe and is available to you for your enjoyment either as a diver or, if you prefer not to dive, as a spectator in a glass bottom boat. I highly recommend treating yourself to this adventure!

^ Top

Carrie Kruger and Matt McCall

Visited – June 2004

It was my first time to Central America… Matt had been to Costa Rica before, but not to Honduras. We had a wonderful time… the diving was amazing! Great dive masters that were so knowledgeable and friendly. The entire staff was fabulous and as nice as can be. This was such a great getaway with a perfect “non-touristy” feeling. We would love to return soon!

^ Top

Suzy & Gail Good & Family

Visited – June 2004

This was our second visit to the lovely island of Roatan and we found the staff and accommodations at Luna Beach outstanding. Our focus was diving and Mark and his staff (Hector, Jose, Fermin) did and outstanding job of being reliable and providing for all of our needs. The houses were great and we had everything we needed. Chuck and his family made everyone feel at home. It was great to be able to get back and forth to the town of West End – especially with Teenagers in our group. gather ing place – we felt like a part of the family.

In 3 weeks our family did over 100 dives and I can’t say enough about the level of service we experienced. We will certainly be back with additional friend in tow!!!

^ Top

Victor Elliott

Visited – May 26, 2004

Sigrid and I loved every minute of our trip. The rooms were great, staff better and food wonderful. Before our trip I could barely swim, After our trip, I can’t wait to get back in the water. Diving was amazing! Mark and Zack’s instruction was professional and specific to our needs.

I now realize why I work… so that I can return for another vacation. I can’t wait to see you all again.

Thank you all.

^ Top

Andrea Biggs

Visited – May 12, 2004

Just got back from 12 fantastic days at Luna. Wishing it was longer! You guys were the best and I hope you had fun with our wild and wacky group. You may find those sticky lizards for a while to come, and who knows when we’ll be back to throw another Pirate night and claim the dive boat again! Hopefully sooner rather than later, budgets and vacation time permitting. Roatan was beautiful, the houses at Luna we’re great, your staff was fantastic! Who else would make us Monkey La Las and Charlie Nacho’s for breakfast!

Thanks for the hospitality!


^ Top

Carol Moon

Visited – May 1 – 9, 2004

Just got back from my week-long vacation and I am missing all of you at Luna: Patrice, Sean, Kiery (sp?), Riley, Hector, Mark, Roland, Hiram, Allan – all of you! I had man great dives with Hector and Mark, especially at the Aguila, and the Monkey La La’s were fantastic. Our premium house on the hill was beautiful – so much room. Roatan is a beautiful place and all of you at Luna Beach made it so enjoyable. I’ll be back!

^ Top

Marcy Barham

Visited – May 1, 2004

Luna Beach is fantastic!! The entire staff went out of their way to make us feel comfortable and at home. I hated to come home. As for the guys in the dive shop, they are all fabulous. Marc and Fermin went out of their way to take care of us, and they showed us some great dive sites. We even got the chance to snorkel with some dolphins. I can’t wait to come back to visit. I wouldn’t want to stay anywhere else on Roatan.

^ Top

Anne Ristau

Visited – May 1, 2004

WOW what a GREAT week of diving in Roatan. Luna Beach Resort personnel went out of their way to make our group of 23 feel at home. Hector, our Dive Master, has the best eyes for spotting the little things! Mark our Dive Master is the most fun! And Captain Jose made the boat rides very entertaining!

I am already planning my next trip to Luna Beach!!!

Thank you for a wondarful vacation


^ Top

Rich Osborn

Visited – April 21 – 28, 2004

Luna Beach is an awesome place with a very accommodating, and helpful staff. Marc is an excellent and patient scuba instructor, with the best teaching environment just off the beach. It was very hard to leave, and has been very hard to get off of island time upon my return. I would stay there again in a heartbeat, and hope to return as soon as I can. Thanks to everyone for your hospitality in paradise!

^ Top

Guy and Leigh Anderson

Visited – April 20, 2004

A big thank you to everyone at the Luna Beach Resort for making our one day stop at your resort a fantastic one! We sped from our cruise ship directly to your resort and you treated us like royalty! We will be sure to come back and get certified there!

You really made us feel at home, and we wished we could have stayed at Luna Beach rather then get back on the cruise ship!

Cheers! Guy & Leigh – Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and Kathy and Greg – Houston, Texas, USA.

^ Top

Lena & Rob from NJ

Visited – April 10, 2004

Luna Beach is a fantastic place!! We totally enjoyed our week there and wish we could’ve stayed longer! The tropical houses are huge (what a treat!), the grounds are pretty and peaceful, the location is perfect – private and secluded yet just a short walk to West End restaurants/shops and the staff are great!! Sean and Patrice are such gracious hosts – always there with a friendly smile and helping hand- thank you so much!! Damaris serves cold beers and makes a mean Monkey LaLa! The diving was amazing and the diveshop guys were great. Thanks to Marc for all his time and patience in getting us certified! We will definitely be back! Keep the Salva Vidas on ice for us… :-)

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Theo Loudis

Visited – April 7, 2004

Stumbled on to Luna Beach while exploring the West Beach Area. Stopped in for a soda and ended staying the rest of the day. They invited us to swim off their dock and beach. I Will plan my next vacation for a lengthy stay at Luna Beach.

This is one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen around the world.

Thanks Luna Beach

Theo Loudis

Springfield, MO

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Ernesto Villanueva

Visited – April 5, 2004

AMAZING!!!, I hope to see you guys again in october, special thanx to Sean and Patrice. I spent all Holly Week in tha most private Resort Ive ever been.

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Rafael de la Riva R.

Visited – March 27, 2004

Very friendly and nice workers, you feel really like at home, but in paradise at the same time. The work you’re doing there with the resort is simply amazing and invites anyone to return.

Thank you very much for everything, also the diving crew.


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Wendy Landaverde

Visited – March 2004


I love Luna Beach cabins, specially that they’re surrounded by nature. I would love to come back soon.

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Kerry & Bob

Visited – March 23 – 27, 2004

We really loved our stay at Luna Beach. THe rooms are very nice and the staff is very friendly. We only wished we could have stayed longer.

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Basil & Irene Edwards

Visited – March 20, 2004

Beautiful beach. We have been looking at our photographs today and they bring back some wonderful memories. There is a strange chap in a red and white hooped shirt who seems to have got into several of our photos that we were unaware of at the time. he looks a little suspicious. You should have him checked out.

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Pamela Miller

Visited – March 12, 2004

I had a fabulous time, diving too. I am looking out of my window into a parking lot rather than a caribbean ocean : ( Thank you guys!!! : ) Enjoy!!

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Matt Harrod

Visited – March 2, 2004

Even though I was only there for a few hours as our cruise ship was docked there, I had a great time with Mark learning how to dive in the Discover Scuba Diving class. I am currently working on becoming a certified diver and plan to come back to do more dives with Mark. This time I will not come back alone as several of my friends have shown interest in coming back with me. Thanks to everyone there… especially Mark!!!

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Paul Gottlieb

Visited – February 19, 2004

The best most relaxing vacation I’ve had in my 66 years. Luna Beach is a real jewel! A beautiful spot with with everything available that makes a relaxing stay. Wonderful food and drinks in a laid back casual way with a warm and friendly staff. Chuck Ada and Shawn are the easiest going most obliging owners that you will ever meet. Mark managed to change my whole way of dealing with people.Not only was he able to teach me to dive, but he showed me that patience along with being firm is the way to teach and deal with things. My employees and business associates probably owe him too. I wish I had done this trip 40 years ago. Iplan on coming back and hopefully my wife can come this time. Richard Stewart who talked me into coming agreed that we couldn’t have come to abetter place.

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Richard Stewart

Visited – February 19, 2004

World class! We spent a week with chuck,ada, and mark and discovered one of the most accommodating resorts in the third world. The scuba diving was the best, the dive masters were world class and the boats were clean and open. We had over forty dive sites within 10 minutes from the dock. Mark was extremely proficient and patient with my friend who had never been diving and gave him an experience of a life time, and i want to thank him for this.Chuck and ada have created a piece of heaven that they should be very proud of. If you are looking for relaxation, great scuba, good food, and friendly people look no futher. Thanks again.

P.S. Dont forget to try the monkey lala!

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Craig Hedrick

Visited – February 15, 2004

Exquisite, quiet resort located on the best beach in Roatan. Our small group just returned from a great visit to this small slice of paradise. The housing is nothing short of spectacular! The food is second to none in quality and taste. We found Luna Beach Resort to be the perfect balance of relaxation and diving. We really liked the new dive boat and the great choices of dive sites during our stay. We traveled as a small group to check out the resort and are now planning a full scale club trip! Even though we had some mixed weather, the diving and the resort remained consistent. Great people, great time, great resort! Make sure you take time to enjoy their signature drink, the “Monkey Lala”.

Craig Hedrick

President – Charlotte Hammerheads

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Lisa & Matt Goldkopf

Visited – February 13, 2004

We had a fantastic time. Chuck & Ada and the entire staff were wonderful. My husband & I went with a group of friends and I was the only non-diver. I took the discover scuba diving course with Marc, and I’m planning on returning to get certified. Marc was a wonderful teacher. The food and the accommodations were great. I can’t wait to go back and see everyone. Kirk, did you hang the “S Team” shirt up yet?

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Judy and Lawrence

Visited – February 8, 2004

Our 2 week stay at Luna beach was like staying with old friends . Chuck was there when we arrived and immediately put us at ease with his friendly welcome . Then there is Ada who was always there to help with any questions we had .We stayed in a tropical house that was more than we could have asked for with all the conveniences of home . We would like to thank Jose and the guys on the dive boat who are the best at what they do . And not to be forgotten were Curtis and Lucy and all the girls at the restaurant bar who also made our stay the most enjoyable it could be . Thanks again to all of you for a pleasant ond memorable holiday . We would love to return some time soon .

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Karen Mayville

Visited – January 2 – 12, 2004

Our trip to Roatan and Luna Beach was beyond words. It was like visiting old friends in paradise. We had the best diving, the best resting, the best eating and the best accommodations ever. Chuck and Ada are perfect hosts and worked very hard to remind us that now you are on “island time” and no stress is the goal in all we did. The four of us (Jerry, Karen,Bob and Phyllis) plan on returning and bringing more friends and family to enjoy the wonderful hospitality

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Hammock Family Visited – December 19 – 29, 2003

we had a wonderful stay at luna beach!! we found the diving great. the dive shop made things very easy to enjoy the sport. very helpful staff all the way around!!! it truly was a home away from home for us during the christmas holiday. hope to be back sometime soon!!

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Mark Wright

Visited – October 31, 2003

YEA! We had a fabulous time – snorkeling, enjoying the awesome sunsets, enjoying the delicious food (the ribs were the best I have ever eaten), the music, the parties, the house we lived in, and most of all, the hospitality of Ada, Chuck and the rest of the staff. The attitude of ” what can we do to make this visit more enjoyable ” was greatly appreciated. It was a GREAT TIME with FABULOUS PEOPLE ! Thanks – We will be there again in 2004!

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Reyne Gallo

Visited – October 16, 2003

I had a wonderful time. The food and diving was great. The environment was more than I could have ever asked for. I will be back!

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Kristin Bravo

Visited – September 25, 2003

Victor and I had the most wonderful time at Luna Beach! We were at the resort in September of 2003 for our honeymoon. This was not the typical honeymoon, as we brought along 20 of our closest family and friends. The resort was beautiful and the staff accommodated us all perfectly. Everyone is warm and friendly there. Most of us stayed in the tropical houses. It was like living in tree house with a beautiful view of the ocean! The diving that the resort provides will take your breath away! Mark and the dive staff were great! They were very attentive to everyones individual needs, especially since it was the first time diving for most of us. It was the most wonderful experience ever! I cannot thank Chuck, Mark, and the rest of the Luna Beach staff enough for the fantastic time we had. With all of the new additions, the resort looks absolutely fantastic! We will have to return to see them first hand.

Hope to see you soon!

-Kristin and Victor Bravo

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Mike and Peggy Ashe

Visited – November 2002

We are from Salt Lake City, Utah and we heard about Luna Beach from friends. So, while on a western Caribbean cruise, we decided to spend the day there. The beach was beautiful and we especially enjoyed the snorkeling. Within 20 feet of the beach we saw the most beautiful sea fans that we have seen anywhere. Chuck was very hospitable and we were very impressed by how friendly and attentive the staff was. We hope to come back and spend more time there.

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Al Ashe

Visited – November 2002

We where there when Chuck was working on the Dive shop and beach suites. We where off a cruise ship an a friend had ask us to look up this resort. Chuck was the best !!!! Had a boat take us out to snorkel a showed us what the resort was going to be… I lost the name of the resort and Chuck’s business card… I have been searching the web for this… Today was my lucky day… Chuck we will be making plans soon to come down. The resort looks GREAT!!! you’ve done a beautiful job… REMEMBER THE FOLKS FROM SALT LAKE CITY???

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