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Environmentally Friendly

LunaBeachAerial2.jpgLuna Beach Resort prides itself as being one of the first resorts on Roatan to be environmentally conscious. Because we are American-owned, we developed the resort to American standards. When Luna Beach Resort was built, everything was built as the land laid—all natural drainage left intact and very little vegetation disturbed. Mother Nature spent millions of years building Roatan so we did our best to work with her!

We have several of our own natural aquifer springs on our property, up on the hill, which insures you are only getting the purest of water. We still give you clarified drinking water, but you do not have to worry if you bath or brush your teeth with this tap water. We clean all of our vegetables and kitchen area with the most pure natural cleaners. We only use chemicals for cleaning that are safe for you and the environment and they are collected in our septic system, not used for watering or filtered and reused. Filtered grey water systems are less than 100% safe, which is not good enough for our guests!

We have insulated all of the houses with the highest insulation factor we could to help insure the houses feel comfortable without having to waste power running the air conditioners constantly; each room also has a ceiling fan. During our daily housekeeping we try to encourage our guests to reuse the towels when they can and also just wash the bedding every 2 days, unless our guests request otherwise. We are trying to limit the waste of water and power.

Each house has its own septic system, thus not collecting the waste and allowing it to run into the Caribbean waters or property grounds.

We are concerned for your safety and health issues and of course the health of the beautiful reef that surrounds Roatan. You will find the water in front of Luna Beach Resort to be clean and free of any contaminants. We rake the beach each morning to help keep the area clean and free of any bacteria and/or debris.

During your stay at Luna Beach Resort – know that we are thinking of everything that can help make your stay with us as safe and relaxing as you deserve. We are also trying to have as small an environmental impact on the land and water as possible, so we all have the beautiful Island of Roatan and the waters of the Caribbean to enjoy for a very long time.

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