Best scuba diving on Roatan

Temptation Island

Luna Beach IS Temptation Island.

Temptation Island 3 in 2003

On Roatan in the Bay Islands of Honduras

Fox Studios camera and sound crews came to Luna Beach Resort to film the US version of Temptation Island 3. This was the 3rd time; different contestants from different counties were filmed before.

Whether you are a reality TV fan or not, you will see for yourself why FOX network chose Luna Beach Resort – to quote them;

“There are no bad camera shots here at Luna Beach Resort.”

Fox could not have chosen a better location as a backdrop. White sandy beaches, a diverse underwater reef, amazing red Caribbean sunsets, funky and laid back West End and the many friendly faces that make Roatan.

If you are a Temptation Island Fan you will surely want to beat your friends – and the crowds! – and visit Honduras in the footsteps of Temptation.

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