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Luna Beach, the Premier Resort Experience in Honduras

Construction on Luna Beach Resort in Roatan, Honduras started in early 2000. The current owner purchased the resort in 2002 and began to develop the area for divers as well as vacationers. Focusing on both diving vacations and other features of Roatan. Honduras travel activities, Luna Beach quickly has become one of the premier resorts in Roatan. We have developed the Dive Shop into a first rate operation, built rooms on the beach and the large Premium Houses up on the hill. With the purchase of 19 more acres we have built a new road into Luna Beach Resort from the West Bay road, this road is almost a mile long leading you down thru the jungle with all of its beauty. We are busy making every upgrade we can along with a new full service generator system, and many improvements to the grounds, beach and common areas. Our mission is to continue to improve the property in order to provide a world-class experience for Honduras scuba divers and vacationers coming to the Roatan Island from around the world. And, our attention to detail and to personal service ensures that you’ll not only enjoy your tropical vacation, but you’ll come back time and again for more of some of the best dining and diving in the world.

The Owner

Mr. Chuck lives on the premises of our Roatan resort and is actively involved with its daily operation of the resort. An American from Colorado, Mr. Chuck’s love of diving has taken him all over the world. However, it was in Roatan that he discovered diving that was unrivaled in his experience. Finding this paradise brought him back again and again for diving vacations, until he decided to move to Roatan and now considers the island his home. With the beauty and perfect weather that he experiences every day in this dive paradise, he doesn’t miss the Colorado winters!

Spend a day with Mr. Chuck and you’ll marvel at his energy and love of life. Mr. Chuck meets every guest and makes it his personal mission to care for each and every person as if they were family. His goal, and the goal of his staff, is to ensure that you leave the island with your dream of paradise fulfilled.

You’ll find attention to detail everywhere – right down to the story behind our logo.

Reservations – Debbie

When you call reservations in the US, you have reached Debbie, in Arvada, Colorado. I am the daughter of the owner of Luna Beach Resort. Being a Colorado native that hates the cold, at least I can warm my soul with thoughts of the warm tropics of Paradise when anyone calls for information about Luna Beach Resort and Roatan.  I have been to Roatan more times then I can count and am well informed of the Island, Luna Beach Resort and the local culture, so ask away. The best part of the job is getting to know all of you and even better if you are there when I am, what a thrill to actually meet you in person. I have been married 33 years and have one daughter 30 and a son 26.   I look forward to talking with anyone that needs my help and hope I can make your vacation just a little more special.

Luna Beach Webmaster – M. Douglas Wray

Greetings Netizen! I’m Doug – Luna Beach Resort’s webmaster. I’m the geek that created this site, with some help from my pals Cliff and Monica. More recently, Erik has joined our team for PHP and Flash support.

This site is built using WordPress and is tested on Safari and Firefox on Mac and Internet Explorer and Firefox on a PC. I’ve been building websites for over a decade and you can see more of my work at my personal site.

If you see something wrong, please let me know (please include the url for the page) and I’ll jump right on it. Also, if you have comments or suggestions, tell us! We value your input!

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