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What travel documents do I need?

Getting ready to leave for Roatan, Honduras:

A valid passport is required for everyone entering Honduras. US and Canadian citizens do not need a visa. Honduras requires that your U.S. passport be valid for at least 3 months from your arrival date – be sure and check with the airlines if in doubt.

If your passport expires before the required validity, you will have to apply for a new one. Please check with the Embassy or nearest Consulate of the country that you plan to visit for their requirements. All other nationalities must check with the nearest Honduran consulate or embassy for visa requirements. Roatan hotels and diving are a wonderful experience, so be sure to get your travel documents in order as soon as possible.

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Do you provide commission for travel agents and dive shops?

We welcome your groups! We will work with you on the commission. Call 303.362.1044, to inquire, or send us an email.

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How do I make a reservation? And, what is your deposit policy?

Email or call from the US or Canada  303.362.1044, local Colorado number. A 50% deposit is required to hold a reservation and payment must be received within 7 days of making a reservation. See our Terms & Conditions of Cancellation and Booking Policy.

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How do I make payment by credit card?

Download our Credit Card Application Form (pdf, 34k) and fax to Luna Beach Resort at 303.422.3052 (United States). We can no longer accept American Express cards on this form or with card in hand at the resort.

NOTE: DO NOT send credit card information via our email form, or via any email that you send to us. This information is not secure and we cannot be responsible for the information if sent in this manner.

Effective May 15, 2005, the foreign exchange rate used for international Credit Card transactions will be selected by providers from the range of rates available in wholesale currency markets, or the government-mandated rate in effect on the date your transaction is processed. In addition there will be an International Credit Card provider Transaction Fee equal to 1% of the transaction amount assessed on all Visa card transactions conducted outside the United States. This can be true of all credit card companies.

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How and when do I pay my balance due?

Your balance is due when you check in. You can pay with credit card,(with a 6% fee) cash US dollars or Lempiras – NO personal, certified/ draft or business checks or Traveler’s Checks will be accepted. You can also send a personal check to the US office of Luna Beach. Your personal check must be received by the US office, two weeks prior to arrival date. If you wish to send a personal check, please contact the US office at 303.362.1044 or Note: any payment other then with cash, there will be a 6% Office Expense charge added to your bill.

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What should I wear in Roatan?

Dressing Appropriately for Roatan, Honduras tourism:

Dress is casual everywhere – bathing suits, shorts, sleeveless tops, lightweight long pants and sun dresses should be sufficient. Because of the number of Honduras Hotels specializing in dive packages, you will often see people walking around in beach – appropriate attire. Loose-fitting clothing made from 100% cotton is the most comfortable in this climate.

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Are there any special items that I should be sure to bring to Luna Beach?

Knowing what to pack for your Roatan Resort Experience:

Bring and use insect repellent! Some areas have sand flies and mosquitoes, but you shouldn’t be bothered if you’re prepared. Don’t forget to bring along your favorite sunscreen or tanning lotion, as Luna beach has plenty of space for sunbathing. The sun is very strong and a sunburn is not the way you want to experience your stay!

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What should I pack when I come to Roatan?

  • Flash light ? It gets dark early on the island and a flash light is recommended if you are walking around in the evening
  • Hair dryer
  • Sunscreen
  • Travel Alarm Clock
  • Camera
  • Insect Repellent
  • Umbrella/Rain Coat
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Cash for the Export Tax, Tips and Taxis
  • Dive Certification Card
  • Passport or other Travel Documents (Don’t forget to leave copies of your travel documents at home!) ** make sure it does not expire for at least 6 months from arrive date.
  • Important Phone Numbers and email addresses.
  • We have irons and ironing boards for your use.
  • General over the counter medications can be purchased on the Island; however, they can be expensive, so you may want to bring your own.
  • Please do not bring valuables or sentimental items with you. Luna Beach Resort is not responsible for any loss.

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Are pets allowed?

Under no circumstances will any pets be allowed at Luna Beach Resort.? This is for every ones safety and the pets. If someone does arrive with a pet, they will be asked to leave and still be required to pay the reservation in full.

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Do you have weddings at Luna Beach Resort?

Planning a day to remember in Roatan, Honduras:

Yes, we are more then happy to assist you in planning at wedding at Luna Beach Resort, check out our wedding page! Luna Beach Resort is an excellent choice for wedding receptions and gorgeous ceremonies right on the water’s edge.

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What’s the weather like?

What to expect in Honduras:

On average the temperature in Roatan is 78°F – 94°F (26°C – 33°C). Rainy season varies from year to year, but on average we can expect rain from October to February During the rest of the year, rainfall is minimal unless there’s a storm in the Caribbean. When packing for your dive trips and other travel destinations in Honduras, please be prepared for both sunshine and rain.

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What language is spoken?

The primary language of the island is Spanish; however, you will have no trouble communicating in English at the resort and with most Islanders. Roatan, Honduras tourism is plentiful year round, and many locals speak in English for business and practicality.

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What are the electrical requirements?

Roatan’s electrical system runs on United States standard current of 110 volts/60 hertz. If you are arriving from a country that utilizes a different current, please bring your own voltage converter and adapter. While Honduras vacation destinations strive to meet all the needs of their guests, resorts in Roatan do not guarantee the sale of adapters in their stores.

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Is there an airport on the Island?

Roatan airport is located in Coxen Hole and is one of the most modern island airports in the entire Caribbean. This airport with its friendly staff offers all the conveniences of a typical international airport. The runways are capable of handling jets up to a large 767. Unlike most Caribbean airports there are no panhandlers bothering you while you wait for your taxi or rental car.

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What airlines fly into Roatan?

Choosing transportation into Roatan Island, Honduras:

Currently, United, American and Delta fly directly to Roatan from the United States. Flights operated by United, Taca and American arrive daily in from the mainland. Connections to Roatan are provided by Islena, Sosa and Taca, Central American Airlines .

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Is there transportation to/from the airport?

Getting to and from your Honduras Lodging.

The most convenient way to get to Luna Beach Resort from the airport is by taxi. Taxis are always available at the airport and they know the way to Luna Beach. Don’t forget to negotiate your fare before you leave – and beware of drivers who try to persuade you to go elsewhere and then overcharge! The price for the 20 minute ride, one way, should be approximately $25.00 US Dollars.

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Are there rental cars available?

Several rental car companies are located at the airport, West End and Sandy Bay. We will be happy to assist you in contacting a rental company while you are staying with us. **If you get a rental car, you will need to get a pass to be able to go in and out of the Luna Beach Resort Entrance, so when you check-in be sure and mention that you will need this pass. To arrive at the resort, be sure and come in on our own private road, off of the West Bay Road, we do not have an entrance on the Beach any more, we are doing our part to save the Beach.

Car rental company information

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How do I get around the island?

Roatan is the only Bay Island with a paved road. Local buses are inexpensive, as are taxis. You can also tour the island by water taxi. Water taxis are available from the dock at Luna Beach. The water taxi can get you to the heart of West Bay in 5 minutes. Or, a casual 10 minute stroll down the beach will get you to West End, where you can rent a car, jeep or moped.

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Are there medical facilities?

Staying safe while on vacation:

There are several clinics, two hospitals and a decompression chamber for Roatan scuba divers. Larger medical centers are available on the mainland in the cities of La Ceiba, San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa. Workers at Honduras hotels should be able to provide you more information about nearby medical facilities if an emergency arises while you are in Roatan. If you have an medical emergency in the middle of the night find the guard he will be able to call a taxi to come take you to the nearest falcility for help.

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Can I drink the water?

The water at Luna Beach Resort is fresh from our subterranean, spring-fed wells. We don’t recommend that you drink the water since it is untreated; however, it is perfectly safe for showers and to brush your teeth, we have installed water filters into each accommodation. Complimentary bottled water is also provided in all rooms.

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Are there any health issues that I need to be aware of in traveling to Roatan?

All travelers should visit either their personal physician or a travel health clinic 4-8 weeks before departure. You may also want to check out these sites for travelers advisories for Roatan.,

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What is the currency?

Exchanging money for your Honduras vacation:

The currency is the Honduran Lempira. However, the US Dollar is also widely accepted and preferred throughout the island. For ease of exchange, please bring small bills (nothing larger than $20.00), since small denominations work best. It can be difficult to exchange larger bills, or travelers’ checks.

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What is the local tax?

Being prepared for unexpected expenses – this not only local taxes, but the whole country of Honduras:

The local tax is 15% for food, 19% activities (like diving) and merchandise; 18% on alcoholic and 19% for accommodations.  Like in any tourist destination, it is important to understand the firm prices of goods and services on the island of Roatan before committing to buy.

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Is there an ATM on the island?

There are ATMs in Coxen Hole and West End – but the service is intermittent, don’t count on them! Also, remember there is a fee to use these ATMs. Since the US Dollar is widely accepted and preferred throughout the island, you may want to bring cash. For ease of exchange, please bring small bills (nothing larger than $20.00), since small denominations work best. It can be difficult to exchange larger bills, or travelers’ checks (a 6% fee applies) .  There is a new Bank at the airport now, which makes getting money and exchanging any a lot easier.

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Is there a departure export fee/tax?

Yes, you must pay about $39.24 USD – this amount varies from time to time (cash, only) export, passport and security fee/tax per person when leaving the island.

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What are the GPS coordinates for Luna Beach Resort?

16degrees 17′ 40.62″N

86 degrees 35′ 40.43″W

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Are long-term stays available?

Planning for when you just don’t want to go back home:

There is no minimum stay required. We would love to have you come for as long as you want, or just one night. Please contact us to find out price and availability of rooms and houses. Many people find they do not want to leave once they visit Luna Beach Resort. We can’t blame them! Luna Beach Resort is flexible with your travel arrangements, and we will work hard to accommodate you.

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What is the policy on tipping?

Following cultural expectations:

We encourage it! Tipping is customary all over the world and is no different at resorts in Roatan. It encourages and rewards quality service. The staff at the Luna Beach Resort does everything they can to make your stay pleasant and gratuities are gratefully accepted. The standard tipping policy is 10–15 percent.

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What services are available at the resort?

The comforts of home remain at your Roatan resort:

We offer the following services for a nominal fee: Internet access on the guests computer, long distance phone calls, faxes, copies (maximum of 10), ice for coolers, snorkel boat rides, laundry and other services, as required. Just let us know what you need!

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Is the resort safe for children?

Yes, however we would advise you to keep them with you and don’t let them wander off away from the property. Also, no life guards are present, so you are responsible for their safety in the water, whether it be the resort pool or while scuba diving in the ocean.

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Are beach towels available?

Beach towels are available in the Front Office for a nominal fee, each time you get a clean one, not per day. We only charge to help control the waste to provide a more Eco Friend environment, less water and electricity in laundering.

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Are televisions available in the rooms?

Television is available in the main bar during business hours. We recommend that you get away from your routine and read a book, watch the sunsets, and meet new people on your holiday. For this reason, Luna Beach rooms do not include television. Many find themselves so busy with diving and other events that they hardly miss the outside world anyway!

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Do you have safes in the rooms?

All of the Houses and Beach Rooms have in-room safes, that you program your own code. While at Luna Beach Resort you need to be responsible for your own personal items and well being, we are not liable for any loss, damage to goods or injury to self or others in your party on said property, while on the boat, on the beach, diving or on dock area… We have 24 hour security, so you will feel very comfortable and shouldn’t have to worry about anything.  ^ Back to top


When is check-in and check-out?

Arriving and leaving your Honduras diving vacation:

Normal Check-in time is about 3:00 p.m., but if your room has been cleaned and ready you can check-in earlier, especially if no one had been in the room the night before. Check-out time is 11:00 a.m., so the maids have time to get it ready for the next guests. If you have a later departure, you can check with the front office and see if it can arrange for a later check-out, or at least you will be able to leave your luggage in the front office till you are ready to depart.

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We do not allow smoking in any of our accommodations, guests are asked to smoke out on their decks or in any other open areas.

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Is there Internet access?

Keeping up with the world while on vacation:

Yes, high-speed Internet access.  You can break away from your Honduras travel experience and check your email.  So bring your own computer and you can enjoy a free wireless connection while sitting in the pool and restaurant/bar area.

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How do friends and family reach us?

If an emergency arises, your friends, family members or work can reach you in the following ways:

  • Call the resort directly from the US at 011.504.9608.3730. Just remember, this call could cost you up to $5.50 per minute.
  • Call the reservations desk in the US at 303.362.1044 and leave a message to be delivered to you.
  • Send an email to to be delivered to you.

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Will I have to purchase a Marine Park Tag?

No. We do not require you to pay for the use, but encourage you to donate to the Sandy Bay West End Marine Park a $10 fee for a Marine Park Tag. This money helps support conservation efforts.

Many Roatan resorts are conscientious about the environment and want to ensure a positive future for the Honduras vacationing. Please do your part by being prepared for this $10 fee that makes a difference.

More information about the Sandy Bay West End Marine Park.

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Do I need to bring my own dive gear?

Getting ready for your dive Package:

Our dive shop at Luna beach Resort is fully stocked with quality dive gear that you can rent at a low cost. Our store also services and maintains our own and other equipment. In-store service guarantees quality rental and instructional equipment will be available for your use! All of our equipment is Sherwood, Genesis, and Akona.

We would recommend that you rent our dive and snorkel equipment instead of incurring the hassle of dragging it through airports. Airlines are increasing strict on weight limits and security inspections will slow you down. Check out our rental rates!

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Do you have nitrox?

Yes, we offer nitrox for those who are certified for it’s use. We also offer nitrox certification and training.

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Do you offer anything for cruise passengers?

Coming to a Roatan resort area by boat:

Cruise ships arrive weekly in Roatan. Come visit our resort via taxi and enjoy a day with us. You can enjoy a day of snorkeling, diving, as we have some of the best scuba diving in Honduras. You can also spend time lounging on our beach or by the pool, (pool reserved for guests staying in our accommodation only) or dining in our restaurant and shopping in our gift shop. Send us an email and let us know that you’re coming. We’ll work with you to make your day on Roatan memorable. OF course our quests that stay with us come first.

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