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Project AWARE ECO Dive Center

Luna Beach Resort has been awarded Project AWARE Foundation ECO Operation status


At Luna Beach Resort we recognize that tourism is the world’s largest industry and travelers are increasingly concerned about their destination’s environmental condition. Divers and industry leaders have a responsibility to preserve local resources they depend on every day.

The dive team at Luna Beach has for sometime been providing customers with experiences that enhance visitor awareness, appreciation and understanding of the environment and we have demonstrated a commitment to conservation. Project AWARE Foundation recently acknowledged us an ECO Operator.

As an ECO Operator Luna Beach Resort pledges to:

  • Provide dive experiences that enhance visitor awareness, appreciation and understanding of the local aquatic environment.
  • Use recycled products whenever possible.
  • Participate in local conservation efforts and support established parks and reserves.
  • Not sell items made from endangered species, threatened species, corals or tropical hardwoods.
  • Respect local people, culture and traditions while abiding by local laws and regulations.
  • Provide pre-dive briefings on responsible dive practices such as:
    • Proper buoyancy control
    • Securing equipment and streamlining body position
    • Maintaining distance from sensitive environments
    • Not touching or chasing animals
    • Abiding by all fish and game regulations
    • Use mooring buoys or drift diving techniques whenever possible to avoid damage to underwater habitat
    • Offer Project AWARE specialty courses that teach customers about ecology and conservation
    • Display environmental public awareness materials and provide community involvement opportunities
    • Use environmentally sound methods of rubbish disposal
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