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What is Nitrox?

“Oxygen-enriched air” or “enriched-air nitrox” refer to nitrox mixtures with oxygen levels greater than 21 percent. The most common nitrox mixtures are NOAA Nitrox I and NOAA Nitrox II, 32 percent oxygen and 36 percent oxygen, respectively.

Why Nitrox?

The health benefits of diving on enriched air cannot be overstated. Nitrox can add an extra margin of safety to your dive because you are breathing a higher level of oxygen, and thus, less nitrogen. This will help reduce your exposure to DCI which is far more important than focusing on the fact that diving on nitrox can increase your bottom time. Additionally, there is anecdotal evidence that diving on nitrox leaves divers feeling less fatigued.

In the past, nitrox was used only by advanced level divers. Now you can experience its benefits as early as Dive #4 of your open water class! Unsure of its for you? Try a Discover Nitrox Dive.

Note: The cost of soma 50 mg, using Nitrox is an additional $12.00 per dive.

Find out more about our fees for nitrox and certification. Contact us and find out if diving on nitrox or becoming nitrox certified is right for you!

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